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Twelve Year Old Girl Leads Police on an High Speed Chase! [VIDEO]


A 12 Year old girl led police on an high speed chase in Texas with her 5 year old sister in the back seat.

She had “borrowed” her grandmothers car and reached speeds well over 100 MPH while at least 15 police cars chasing her!

The chase lasted 40 miles and included any near misses as she drove often against traffic.

The chase ended after OnStar was activated, stalling the car.

Insane! The girl faces multiple charges!

“By some miracle nobody was killed or injured,” said County Attorney J D Lambright. “The conduct was so extreme. … She endangered hundreds of cars. We are trying to send a message here to others, juveniles and adults, that this is unacceptable.”

The Currier reported:

The County Court at Law No. 1 Judge Dennis Watson will decide whether or not to release the juvenile into family custody.

On June 30, the girl allegedly damaged at least two vehicles in the 10-minute pursuit, with her 7-year-old sister, topping speeds at 111 mph down Texas 105 to Montgomery in her grandmother’s car.

A 12 Year old girl led police on an high speed chase in Texas with her 5 year old sister in the back seat.

After spending the Fourth of July weekend in juvenile detention, the girl had her first hearing, which included a dashcam video of her chase. The prosecution recommended an extended stay during the first hearing on July 5, which the judge ordered.

If the judge orders her release today, she may go back into the custody of her parents or guardians.

However, prosecutors say she will still face numerous charges and they plan to ask the judge to extend her detention stay for a second time due to “the incredibly serious nature” of her actions.

This child is outta control! She is in some real trouble. The first charge will be felony theft of property over $30,000, which is a third-degree felony. There will be multiple charges after that including felony evading police!

The chase happened on June 30th, and she was released to relatives. She is now back in custody for behavioral problems. Her grandmother had originally called authorities because she though the children had been kidnapped… boy was she wrong!

A 12 Year old girl led police on an high speed chase in Texas with her 5 year old sister in the back seat.




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