Truth Hillary Doesn’t Want you See

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Democrats and Hillary are constantly harping on the “War on Women” but what Democratic operatives with media bylines never touch on is the fact that the real war on women is being run by the Democratic Party, and especially the Clinton family.

Dena DeCamp is president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women and she highlighted just how shameful Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are not just with their rhetoric but especially with their actions.

Hillary has had a war on Bill’s girlfriends since the mid-80s. Because the Clintons are media darlings they’ve never been faced with serious questions about their behavior. The New York Times is more than willing to put 25-year-old nude photos of Donald Trump’s wife from when she was a model on the front page but they’re not willing to discuss any of the women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape.

And then there’s the moneyed Muslims in the Middle East who have dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation while at the same time governing their countries with a real war on women. The media has apparently missed those countries and donations as well.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president it’s a good bet that the moneyed Muslims will continue to buy off the Clinton family with donations to their Foundation and no probably pressure the Clinton administration into accepting Sharia law in the U.S.

One thing we know for sure is that Hillary Clinton can be bought.

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