Trump Has a Heart: A Purple Heart

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Donald Trump got a special gift last week in Ashburn, Virginia from a military veteran.

Donald Trump was shaking hands with people who attended his rally and Lieut. Col. Lewis Dorfman presented him with the Purple Heart medal that Dorfman had been awarded.

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The Purple Heart is the one U. S. military award that recipients will actually admit they earned. In less you’re name is John Kerry, you are awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in battle, for shedding blood on behalf of the nation.

Dorfman presented Trump with the Purple Heart and said “That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.”

Democrats and their operatives with bylines have spent the last week pounding Trump over his comments about the father of the Muslim Army Capt. who was killed in action. They’ve also piled on with respect to his draft deferments that kept him out of Vietnam. Four of them were routine “student deferments” and the last one was a medical deferment for heel spurs.

Needless to say, Democrats and their operatives with bylines talked themselves horse trying to redirect the conversation away from Dorfman and using the Purple Heart presentation as an opportunity to continue to beat up on Trump.

Don’t you love an unbiased media?

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