No Way, They DID IT! The Benghazi Emails Are Officially Recovered!!

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The devil, I mean Hillary Clinton, is about to get knocked out of the race. She was helplessly hanging onto the little bit of hope she had left… that the Benghazi emails wouldn’t be discovered.

Our former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has not once backed down from the lie that she gave up all of her work-related emails. That’s not suspicious at all, seeing as how she wiped her computer clean with the equivalent of electronic bleach, she didn’t want any traces of her crimes exposed.

Make no mistake, she is holding steadfast to her claim that she handed everything over, even as new batches of emails are recovered, the ones that weren’t included in the “complete” batch she already turned over.

Last week we were astonished to hear that the FBI found some 15,000 emails that she failed to turn over!

As it turns out, 30 of those emails, that discussed Benghazi, had been wiped from Hillary’s server. Now that they are recovered the government wants to wait 30 days before they release them to the public.

The Associated Press reports:

Government lawyers told U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta Tuesday that an undetermined number of the emails among the 30 were not included in the 55,000 pages previously provided by Clinton to State. The agency said it would need until the end of September to review the emails and redact potentially classified information before they are released.
Government lawyers revealed in a court filing last week that some of the emails recovered by FBI investigators from her email server contained “search terms” related to Benghazi.
Clinton gave the State Department more than 30,000 of her work-related emails in Dec. 2014. Of those, the State Department released 296 emails related to Benghazi and Libya. The agency asserted that those were all of the Clinton emails it had pertaining to Benghazi. But in September, the State Department discovered another 925 Benghazi-related emails. Those were handed over to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

But it was revealed last month that Clinton deleted “several thousand” work-related emails from her server.

The FBI director, James Comey, released that information on July 5th during a press conference.

Why they need a full day per email to prepare is beyond me. As many people have pointed out, it must be some pretty juicy information, since the government needs so much time to review….and redact it.

Hmmmm something smells fishy here


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