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Texas School’s Sign Has Parents Rejoicing, 1 Simple Word Has Libs In A Rage!


I would love to see the look on these emotion-based liberal’s faces when they glanced at this sign. It doesn’t take a lot to make liberals run to their “quiet place” these days and that’s exactly what this billboard did.

There are many parents who are rejoicing over the words written on the “back to school” sign, but liberals are outraged over a simple word on the poster. So mad in fact, that the matter was taken up on twitter and facebook, and word continues to spread like the plague. In the center of the message is a picture of the controversial sign.

The sign reads…


2016-08-11 21_48_54-Texas School’s Sign Has Parents Rejoicing, Just 1 Word Has Libs Up In Arms

The thought of armed teachers has liberal panties in such a big wad that the goons can hardly breathe. That’s right – the teachers are packing and are ready to use deadly force if needed.

As Texas continues to be a frontrunner, other states could learn a thing or two from these guys. Despite this reality, liberals are reluctant to ensure a few “good guys with guns” are in schools to defend our children because, well, they believe guns are evil. Guns are just the tool and when it comes down to it, you aren’t going to stop true evil from happening regardless of the rules you put out there.

Sadly, liberals have done little to nothing to make this a reality outside of hinder the efforts of those actually trying. Personally, I don’t get the point of throwing a hissy fit over this. Teachers are there because they love and respect kids. When it comes down to it, just about every teacher out there would lay down their life to save even just one student.

I feel like we are beating a dead horse when we talk to leftists about this. Their deaf ears hear NOTHING, you can make perfect sense when telling them why guns are actually safe… because you can protect yourself with them and people who break the law in the first place will pay no mind to the rules when guns are banned. If anyone is dumb enough to disagree then they have no right to call the police next time they get robbed.

Funny how these little songbirds will change their tune when they need help.


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