Target Stores Still Putting Perverts First [VIDEO]

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As I’m sure you know, Target stores implemented a policy earlier this year to allow “transgender” customers to use the restroom that they “identify” with. In other words, men can follow your wife or sister or daughter into the restroom at any Target store without being challenged.

The American Family Association organize a boycott and at least 1.4 million people have signed up to stop shopping at Target. Our family is among those boycotting Target. Over the years we spent lots of money at Target stores and at Target online. The day they announced their bathroom policy was the last day we set foot in a Target store or went to their website.

Here’s the issue.

Target’s stock has taken a pounding since this stupid decision, to the point where Target management announced that they were going to spend $20 million to add single stall, lockable bathrooms to every store location in the U.S.

What they didn’t talk about when they made this announcement was that virtually every Target store in the U.S. already had single stall, lockable bathrooms. If a “transgender” customer felt uncomfortable going into the men’s room because he thinks he’s a woman he could’ve used the single stall restroom all along.

Target didn’t have to make a big deal out of this, they could’ve made a statement in the beginning saying that their goal is to be welcoming to all people and to make sure that their stores are welcoming to “transgender” people they’re going to spend $20 million to make sure that there’s a single stall, lockable restroom in every store in the nation.

I seriously doubt that would’ve caused a wave. What they’re doing now though is simply pandering to conservatives and Christians who object to the idea that it’s okay for men to be in the ladies room.

That’s not going to fly.

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