SURPRISE! DC Circuit Court Says IRS is Still Targeting Conservatives

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This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but the federal government is completely out of control and the agency leading the pack is the Internal Revenue Service.

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The IRS illegally targeted conservative organizations in a highly focused manner right after the 2010 election. They wanted to make sure that conservative organizations would not be able to have an impact on future elections. They did an excellent job of it, they’ve never been held accountable, and the person who led the charge – Lois Lerner – was allowed to retire on full pension when she should be in prison.

The Congress launched a number of investigations into IRS practices and the IRS has simply thumb their nose at the Congress and the American people, they’re still targeting conservative organizations. The IRS has help in their efforts thanks to federal judges appointed by Democratic presidents, but that help may just run out of steam.

The three-judge panel of the DC circuit Court of Appeals reinstated two lawsuits by conservative organizations that were thrown out by a lower court. In doing so the court said that the IRS has not demonstrated that it has stopped targeting conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. The court actually criticized the IRS for “discriminatory” policies.

The 22 page ruling from the Circuit Court is a blistering rebuke to the IRS and its defenders – that would be Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. The ruling essentially says that the IRS has been lying to Congress, the American people, and the court.

The ruling from the court notes that “it is absurd to suggest that the effect of the IRS’s unlawful conduct … has been eradicated” when the two conservative groups who brought the lawsuits still had delayed applications pending before the IRS.

Will anyone at the IRS be held accountable for their behavior?

Not of Hillary Clinton is elected. In that case you can that things will get worse.

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