Strict Islamic Radicals, Found In Unfortunate Situation…During “Play-date”

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They thought they didn’t have to tell anybody, but they were wrong. At the end of the day, all they wanted was to be together.

Two elite Muslim politicians, Moulay Omar Benhammad and Fatima Nejjar, found themselves in a real hard spot. They preach a very extreme view of chastity, both serve as vice presidents of a radical Islamist party, now, this duo is under arrest. The reason, it’s what you would call ironic.

Benhammad, 63, and Nejjar,62, preach strict laws of chastity. The hypocrisy is hilarious, these married men were discovered on the Casablanca beach in a sexual position.

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These two men are on record proclaiming that adultery is punishable by death. Did we miss something? Does adultery not count if you’re gay?


According to the New York Post, “The incident happened Saturday on a beach in Mohammedia, about 16 miles north of Casablanca and 40 miles south of the capital, Rabat. The lovebirds were allegedly found in a ‘sexual position’ inside their car, police said.”

Benhammad is reportedly a married man and has seven children with his current wife. He is also a professor of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Arts in Rabat. He was charged with attempted corruption. Nejjar, who is widowed, has six children and was reportedly booked for complicity to adultery.


Nejjar has reportedly also lectured on the virtues of remaining faithful and pure, and she has spoken out against promiscuity, suggesting those are the tenants of Islam. However, what is most ridiculous are Benhammad comments following his arrest.

The New York Post notes that Benhammad said he and Nejjar live together in a common-law marriage and that his wife does not want him prosecuted for adultery. That’s an odd comment coming from a guy who preached death to others caught doing the same thing.

Adding to the idiotic comments is fellow radical Islamist, Raissouni Ahmed, who is the president of the political party Morocco’s Islamic Unity and Reform Movement. He tried to cover for his vice-presidents by stating that the “Islamic couple” was together in their vehicle to discuss convincing their families to accept their wedding plans.

The human mind is a complicated thing. Take this cute little Islamist pair, for example, they throw gays off of buildings, behead Christians, and preach total chastity, then they have the audacity to say it’s for a wedding and then get it on in the car… in PUBLIC. That’s fine if you’re a kinky exhibitionist, but I’m assuming these radicals aren’t supposed to have a whole lot of ‘fun’ in the bedroom.

These idiot radicals are coddled by liberals, who then invite them into our homes, and they want to increase the Muslim refugees by 550% under Hillary Clinton. These are the same liberals who say that we right wingers are the intolerant nutjobs right?

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