Spoiled Girls of Islam Back-Talk Teachers, So State Takes Something They Love: Classic!

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All over the world it seems followers of Islam are demanding an imposition of Sharia law in every country they’ve invaded. European countries are so politically correct, and so afraid of Muslim retaliation, that countries like Sweden are actually fighting AGAINST the deportation of Muslim rapists and pedophiles. Muslims have turned Sweden into the country with the highest incidence of rape in the world and the Swedes appear to be just laying back and enjoying it.

It looks like finally one country is going to stand up to the invasion. In Switzerland a group of Muslim schoolgirls refused mandatory swimming lessons at school because there would be boys in the pool.

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Sharia law forbids going into a swimming full with a member of the opposite sex. The classes part of the Swiss Federal curriculum and the girls knew that their refusal would result in disciplinary action. That’s what they wanted.

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This is just another example of Muslim invaders refusing to assimilate into their new host countries. Thankfully, the Swiss are having none of it. The girls and their families got disciplinary action, it just wasn’t what they were seeking.

It turns out the girls had applied for Swiss citizenship and authorities immediately denied their applications. Their reason? The students refusal to comply with the school curricula. After all, every other child in Switzerland without regard to race, background, or religion, complies with the school curricula.

The Swiss determined that their refusal to assimilate and respect Swiss culture was enough for them to be denied Swiss citizenship.

On top of that, the parents of the girls were each fined $1200 for their refusal to comply with Swiss law.

I think the U.S. needs to import some Swiss bureaucrats.

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