Sounds to Me Like U.S. Islamic Olympian Supports Terrorism

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By now you’ve heard all about the Muslim woman on the U.S. fencing team and her rants about how much she hates the U.S. After she got caught, talking America down she tried to walk back her comments, but in the age of digital media her life can’t withstand even a little introspection.

It turns out the woman has a long love affair going with a Palestinian terrorist from the seventies. I guess it’s a “Muslim-feminist” kind of thing.

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The woman in the picture, Leila Khaled, joined the PLO as a teenager and became virtually a household name in 1969 and 73 series of airplane hijackings.

In 1969 she was part of a group that hijacked a Trans World Airlines flight from Rome to Athens. The plane was redirected to Damascus where was blown up. In 1970 – after plastic surgery – she was part of it terrorist team that hijacked four El Al airplanes. That didn’t work out so well – you shouldn’t mess with the Israelis – she was taken down by an in-flight security officer and turned over to British authorities.

Which brings us back to our Muslim fencer. Her hatred of Israel, her distaste for Western civilization, her disrespect for America – the nation that has given her so much opportunity – is appalling and offensive.

She may be a good fencer, but as a human being she’s a, well, pig.

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