School orders Mom Sign Anti-Flag Form, She Replies With Something Better

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When this mother was handed a sick permission slip from her child she couldn’t help but gasp. After this proud patriot mother got over her shock, she decided to write a little note and send the slip back to the teacher letting her know exactly why she refused to sign.

When the photo emerged on social media people immediately interjected their opinion! This proud American mother stood her ground against political correctness and the issues we face with anti-American squatters. This rightfully irate woman was in utter shock that the school would even offer such an offensive option. Her response to the tacky permission slip…PRICELESS.

Catering to Islamic students and atheists who are mad that God is mentioned in the pledge, the district decided to send a form home for all parents to sign if they wanted their student to sit this tradition out. In the rhetoric-riddled form, it states that it’s a parent’s right to exclude their child from the Pledge of Allegiance, which specifies that they don’t have to stand or place their hand over their heart if they don’t want to.


Rather than accepting this, the mother wrote in her own opinion, stating the embarrassment this is to our country. “This is the dumbest thing I have ever read and I am so ashamed of this,” she wrote at the bottom, in lieu of signing her student out of showing respect for our flag.

Society has gone so far downhill that they think it is a choice to show respect for the country they live in. It isn’t a choice, either you support our country or you don’t, if you don’t, get sorry ass out of the United States.

Anyone who disrespects our flag and what it represents shouldn’t be living here. Since when did it become the norm for patriotism to be offensive? It’s pretty sad when we have to tiptoe around the enemy in an attempt to not hurt their tender feelings.

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