Ronda Rousey Not Returning to the Ring? Say it Ain’t So.. and enjoy the PHOTOS

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Holly Holm took a lot of heat for putting her title on the line with Miesha Tate at UFC 196 in March instead of waiting for Ronda Rousey and a huge payday. The heat just increased when Holly lost the fight. Does she have regrets?

“I 100% standby [my decision] because we’re still waiting for Ronda to come back. And that was my point. I said ‘I will wait for the rematch with Rhonda as long as we can promise that it will be by a certain time.’”

When she couldn’t get a date certain for the Rousey fight Holly moved on and defended against Miesha Tate who won the fight with a fifth-round submission. The title belt moved on in Tate’s first defense against Amanda Nunes when Nunes took her out with a first round submission.

Holly is trying to get a title shot with the main event fight against Valentina Shevchenko this coming Saturday.

The big question in women’s mixed martial arts, however, is, “Will Rhonda come back?” Right now, Rhonda isn’t talking. There are rumors about all kinds of deals that are going to take her out of fighting but her fans really don’t want to see that happen. What her fans want to see is more of this…

16-0403 Ronda

and this…

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