The Roach Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree [VIDEO]

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It turns out Barack Obama’s oldest daughter Malia is a chip off the old block. In case you forgot, here’s what the old block look like when he was a young black.

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Here’s what his daughter looks like at a house party on Martha’s Vineyard the police were called to break up.

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Apparently the party got a little rowdy and when police showed up to break it up they discovered none other than Barack Obama’s 18-year-old daughter Malia. There’s no word on where her Secret Service detail was.

The conversation between the press and police was enlightening. Actually was funny as hell.

West Tisbury police declined to confirm that Malia was one of the kids who were shooed out of the bash at a private home near the presidential summer digs, citing “national security.”

“Seriously?” we inquired. “That’s what you’re going with?”

“Sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it?” said the officer, who also declined to give us the address or the homeowners’ names.

“National security.” If Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State I’m sure an email conversation about this would show up and her “deleted emails.”


The second time Malia is made the news with her frolicking lifestyle. She skipped the Democratic National Convention to go to The Lollapalooza concert in Chicago where she got caught pretending to be her father smoking dope.

Again, what is Malia Secret Service detail doing? Given the conduct of the Secret Service over the last 7 1/2 years they were probably smoking dope and picking up girls. Maybe the bigger question is, “where was Bill Clinton” and did he have a box of cigars with him?

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