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Religion of Peace – Religion of Election Fraud: Coming to a Country Near You


Last year London elected a Muslim mayor. Did you ever wonder how that could happen.

It turns out that the communities most associated with “refugees” from Pakistan and Bangladesh were rife with election fraud. According to the report, women and young people were forced to vote according to the will of the elders. Apparently the leftist government apparatus in Britain likely knew what was going on but refused to take action because it wouldn’t be “politically correct.” After all, it was only election fraud.

The commission that did the study has made some recommendations to put a stop to election fraud in Britain. First on the list? Requiring a mandatory photo ID in order to vote. What a concept! Just seems a little weird for Brits to wake up and go; “you know we really need a Mayor who is Muslim to sort all this out.. pass the tea, dear..” Well now there’s a report sorting the whole sordid thing out, mate.

We know election fraud happens in the U.S., it just isn’t reported because it’s a tool of the Democratic Party. Democrats have a long history of counting votes until they find enough to win. See Al Franken’s first Senatorial election in Minnesota.

Democrats know they can get away with it because the Democratic operatives with bylines in the media refuse to report it, judges appointed by Democrats block every effort to stop it, and a feckless, gutless, spineless, Republican Establishment led by people like Paul Ryan and the entire #NeverTrump crowd won’t make a big deal out of it.

A vote for Hillary Clinton – actually any vote against Donald Trump – is a vote to make election fraud a central feature of every U.S. election.


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