Religion of Peace Olympian Who Bashed USA Gets Her Own Bashing

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As you might guess, Ibtihaj Muhammad is a member of the Religion of Peace. She’s also an Olympic athlete, an outspoken Olympic athlete, who is dearly loved by Democrats and Democratic operatives with bylines in the media. Why, you might ask?

Because she hates America and she hates Donald Trump.

She’s on the U.S. fencing team and the only reason she’s on anybody’s radar is because she wears a hijab as part of her fencing uniform.

The first big flap involving her revolved around the opening ceremonies. Michael Phelps was elected by his team members to be the flag bearer for the United States.

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A CNN columnist made a big deal out of challenging Phelps to surrender the flag to Muhammad because he was a “tall, rich, white guy.” Phelps told him to shove it.

Almost immediately Muhammad became a press sensation and in one of her interviews she talked about how she didn’t feel safe walking down the street in U.S. and how much she hated Donald Trump.

The press spent their time focusing on Muhammad and ignoring the American athletes who are actually winning their events. Because between the hijab and the hatred of Donald Trump she was a star. She just wasn’t a star for long. She got her 15 minutes of fame and that came to a quick end at the hands of the French fencer who took Muhammad out in the second round.

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The press is still trying to resurrect the story around Muhammad so they can have a reason to bash America and bashed Donald Trump.

There’s always the “Muslim victim card.”

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