Rand Paul Proved WHY Hillary Should Be In Prison. Media is Freaking OUT!

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Everyone knows the MSM is not going to say anything bad about Hillary Clinton. In fact, most of the MSM has been focusing their efforts on destroying Donald Trump as an “unfit candidate for president. But there is one person that is willing to state the facts, talk about Hillary’s lies from Benghazi to her emails, and insist she should be in prison for all her illegal actions. That one person is Senator Rand Paul.

On “The Factor” Paul told Eric Bolling that “Hillary Clinton lied and should be in prison”. He went on to say that both Hillary and Bill Clinton are “in it to make money” and “would sell their souls”. Check it out:

I agree with Sen. Paul, I think an indictment would be a GREAT idea too, but as long as Obama is in office, it’s just not going to happen.

Senator Paul goes on to say that he’s a big believer in “equal protection under the law” and in fact, there are lots of soldiers in Kentucky that if this same thing happened and they took classified information, THEY would be stripped of their military rank and booted out of the military. He goes on to say, General Petraeus was prosecuted for having classified information where it wasn’t suppose to be.

Senator Paul feels the same way most law-abiding Americans do when he states it’s really unfair to hold soldiers to one standard and hold “Crooked” Hillary Clinton to another standard. She certainly does seem to think she can do whatever she wants, thanks to Obama. It would be nice to see Democrats holding Democrats accountable, but it’s just NOT going to happen!

In the meantime, we can agree with Senator Paul, Clinton’s dishonesty should preclude her from being considered “Commander-in-Chief”, but it won’t.

When Bolling asked why Rand thought FBI Director Comey did NOT indict her, Senator Paul said that Comey did point out to the public several of the incidents upon which Hillary Clinton lied to the public!

Yes, he did Senator Paul, but that’s where Director Comey also lost my respect. He knew she lied to Congress. He SHOULD HAVE indicted her. That tells me Clinton MUST have DIRT on Director Comey. Why else would the Director of the FBI point out the multiple or “many, many times” that Clinton lied and then NOT indict her? Follow the money.

According to Director Comey and Senator Rand Paul – Clinton was “EXTREMELY CARELESS”. I have to agree with Senator Paul, how is “extremely careless” different from “grossly negligent”? Didn’t she STILL violate the statue? Didn’t Clinton STILL put HERSELF before America’s National Security? Do we really want to elect the next president of the United States or someone who will continue to be SELFISH and continue to do THIS?

There is so much evidence of the Clintons’ and their “pay-for-play” involving speeches by Bill that preceded many the contracts that were later negotiated by Hillary as secretary of state. The Clintons acted no different than Gangster Al Capone “collecting dues” with a sense of mob entitlement. If you think this same kind of thing will NOT exist if Hillary gets elected president…then you need to get your head out of the sand!!!!

I encourage you to read “Clinton Cash” and get educated!

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