Have Questions About Hillary and the Russians? This Guy Does Too

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If you think Hillary Clinton is innocent when it comes to Russia, you need to think again. What’s important in ANY campaign is for the candidate to control the narrative. With the liberal MSM in Hillary’s back pocket, it’s no problem for her to control the narrative – even when she’s lying or hiding the truth. Of course, Hillary Clinton knows Russia may have hacked into the DNC, BUT come on, that’s not the WHOLE story…is it?

Hillary Clinton touts her tenure as secretary of state as a time of hardheaded realism and “commercial diplomacy” that advanced American national and commercial interests. But her handling of a major technology transfer initiative at the heart of Washington’s effort to “reset” relations with Russia raises serious questions about her record. Far from enhancing American national interests, Mrs. Clinton’s efforts in this area may have substantially undermined U.S. national security.

Consider Skolkovo, an “innovation city” of 30,000 people on the outskirts of Moscow, billed as Russia’s version of Silicon Valley—and a core piece of Mrs. Clinton’s quarterbacking of the Russian reset.


Following his 2009 visit to Moscow, President Obama announced the creation of the U.S.- Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state directed the American side, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov represented the Russians. The stated goal at the time: “identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthen strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people.”

The Kremlin committed $5 billion over three years to fund Skolkovo. Mrs. Clinton’s State Department worked aggressively to attract U.S. investment partners and helped the Russian State Investment Fund, Rusnano, identify American tech companies worthy of Russian investment. Rusnano, which a scientific adviser to President Vladimir Putin called “Putin’s child,” was created in 2007 and relies entirely on Russian state funding.

But remember when Clinton said:

“I don’t call him anything. And I’m not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on…”I’m going to talk about what he’s done, how he has hurt people in business time after time after time.”


By the way, Hillary, I ask myself all the time…”What happened to our country?”

But it’s not Trump we should be going after. That’s not the whole story… is it?

The questions you should really be asking yourself are: Why did Clinton use a separate, private, personal email server? What role did Clinton play in the Skolkovo project? How is Clinton connected to the Skolkovo Foundation? What Russian donors and donations were made to the Clinton Foundation? How does all of this affect America’s National Security?

But then again for the Democrats and Clinton voters…

Trey Gowdy wrote an 1,800-plus word letter that documented Elijah Cumming's obstruction of the Benghazi committee’s investigation through “abject obstruction” and “serial” leaks to the media.



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