Question of the Day: Can You Be a Democrat & an American? [SHOCK VIDEO]

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Democrats have a long history of anti-American sentiment.  Take our current Secretary of State …

Then there was Teddy Kennedy in 1984.  He approached the Soviet Union and offered to work with the Soviets if they would help to torpedo Reagan in the 1984 presidential race.

Moving along to current times, we’ve got Michelle Obama talking about never having been proud to be an American.

How about Bernie Sanders?  Donald Trump called him a communist and Bernie responded by saying it, “was one of the nicest things that he said about me.”  At least Bernie is proud of his roots.

That brings us to today.

At last week’s Democratic convention delegates to the convention showed their true colors.  The first night of the convention the only flags in sight were a Palestinian flag and some old Soviet flags.  The organizers got the message and hauled out some U.S. flags the second night.

At one point delegates actually started chanting “USA! USA!”  You’d have thought you’d been time-warped back a week to the Republican convention…

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Yep, you just can’t make this stuff up.  THAT is the real face of the Democratic Party and the people who support it.

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