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BREAKING: Putin Confirms Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS! [LIVE VIDEO]


Putin went on live TV and CONFIRMED that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS, asking some very pointed questions.

“Well who armed them?” Putin asked, “Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated this situation?”

“Who pushed for the delivery of arms into the area?” He asked!

Donald Trump has been lambasted ever since he suggested that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS. ISIS was created after Obama and Hillary pulled our troops out of the area prematurely! We knew what would happen to that vacuum when Obama announced his intentions to do so. Well, it happened!

Putin is dead on correct! Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been bankrolling, arming and supporting ISIS jihadists in Syria.They have been on the wrong side all along.

But really folks, what difference does it make?

It is the Twilight Zone that now the leader of Russia is the correct one and our own President is on the wrong side of history. Obama and Hillary’s actions have given us untold consequences.

We know they were running guns in Benghazi. We know that Obama’s actions have already destabilized an already unstable Middle East. We know each and every time he has sided with either tyrants or terrorists. We know Clinton’s State Dept. was backing al-Qaeda in Iraq. We know al-Qaeda has slowly morphed into ISIS.

No wonder half the country thinks Obama is a Muslim!

The worst part is that ISIS has released “kill lists” that include thousands in the United States. We have ISIS claiming responsibility for terrorist attack all over the world, most recently in Florida!

Again I ask, what difference does it make?

OK… So Hillary Clinton asks, “What difference does it make?

Well it is by my definition treason. That is what difference! What kind of future are we headed for? Even if Ronald Reagan himself suddenly appeared in the Oval Office, it would take years to pull us back from this cliff we are on!

Putin went on live TV and CONFIRMED that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS, asking some very pointed questions.



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