Proof That Hillary’s Long-time Islamic Aide is Playing for the Other Team

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We’ve all know that Bill and Hillary have a long history of unethical and unprincipled behavior since even before Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Since the recent publishing of Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” the Clintons and their “pay-to-play” schemes have made a lot more traction. But what should really be hitting the news is the background and findings related to Clinton’s personal assistant or the current Vice-Chair of Hillary’s presidential campaign, Huma Mahmood Abedin.

It seems Huma Mahmood Abedin has a little “shady past” of her own. Her late father, Sayed Zainul Abedin, in the late 70’s was affiliated with the Muslim Students’ Association at Western Michigan University. Sayed also founded the “Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs” (IMMA). He also began the “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs”.


After he died, his wife, Huma’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin took over as the journal’s director and editor. Huma also served as assistant editor to the journal.

So? What’s the BIG deal?

Huma’s father founded an organization that is financed by the Muslim World League, which has ties to Abdullah Omar Nasseef and the pro-Hamas fundraising network of the Muslim Brotherhood, Union of Good, and even Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Her mother STILL works for the IMMA which is funded by Nasseef. Huma worked for the IMMA as an assitant editor from 1996-2008. Her brother Hassan is currently a book review editor, and her sister is another assistant editor for the IMMA, which her mother still directs.

Say what you want about Huma being a “loyalist” to Hillary Clinton, but I can’t imagine what the REAL money trail must look like following Huma, Hillary and Nasseef. Just a reminder, that’s THREE family members of Huma’s that are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood operatives or organization. By the way, in case you were wondering, Huma’s mother is STILL a strong advocate for genital mutilation! That’s right! Genital Mutilation!

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After examining Huma’s background, you begin to wonder… what side is SHE really on? Here’s a young lady who started back in 1996 as an intern from George Washington University for Hillary. In fact, Huma was an intern for Hillary the same time Monica Lewinsky and Bill were involved in sex scandals. She’s been Hillary’s “body woman”, travel chief of staff, senior advisor and deputy chief of staff. She’s considered by some to be a “mini Hillary” or a “2nd daughter” to Hillary, but her past is as shady as it gets.

Huma’s been around Hillary Clinton for about 20 years, so she knows her well, probably too well and if she didn’t have a lot of money connected to her who knows where she’d be now. Certainly being married to someone like Anthony Wiener and all his sexual sexting scandals, Hillary can surely relate. In fact, I would wager Huma and Hillary have probably spent more time together in the last 10 years than Huma and Anthony or Hillary and Bill combined.


Huma is the “intricate” link TO Hillary. Everyone who’s anyone knows it. They all have to play the “system” and go through Huma, if they want ANYTHING or access to Hillary. And when I say ANYTHING…I mean ANYTHING. Because we all know…with Hillary Clinton “Everything is for sale”.  It’s all part of Hillary’s “pay-to-play” scandal and the Clinton Foundation.

But Huma it seems has also been “triple-dipping” the “system”. It seems while Huma was employed as a “Special Government Employee” (SGE), she was also an employee of Teneo Holdings (Doug Band’s company and a huge donor to the Clinton Foundation), and a consultant to the William J. Clinton Foundation.

Huma set up dinners for private sector employees and emailed private-sector employees using government accounts. Sound familiar? She also had her own “criminal inquiry” for allegedly being paid “on the job” while she was technically on “vacation” and on “maternity leave” in 2013. Also sound familiar? Her lawyer is none other than, Miguel Rodriquez…you remember him, right?…from the Vince Foster case….tied to Ken Starr.

Oh, the web we weave…this makes for what Robin Thicke would call “Blurred lines”.

It seems when it comes to “dirty politics” Huma Mahmood Abedin has learned from “one of the best”…Hillary Rodham Clinton. What else would you expect?


I can’t say we weren’t warned. Representative Michele Bachmann and four conservative congressmen (Thomas Rooney, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert and Lynn Westmoreland) all tried to warn us back in 2012, but we didn’t listen. But guess who stood up and denounced Rep. Bachmann? None other than Arizona’s Sen. John McCain who said, Bachmann’s comments were “unwarranted” and “unfounded”. Unbelievable!

America should have listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann and the four conservative congressmen then and they should listen to her NOW!  The evidence is pretty clear that Huma Abedin, the Islamic aide to Hillary Clinton is NOT playing for Team America. The White House has been infiltrated by not only a socialist, but if Hillary Clinton gets elected as the next president, there will be a Chief of Staff in the White House, that is directly connected to the Muslim World League, Abdullah Omar Nasseef and the Muslim Brotherhood, which had ties to Osama bid Laden.




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