Proof That Dogs are Better Than People: **WARNING – MAY BRING TEARS

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Dogs are very loyal to their owners. As dog owners, if you feed them, care for them, bathe them and treat them with the most simple gestures, they will do almost anything for you. Of course, if you’re a dog owner, you also know if you’ve ever left them for a short period of time, they are ecstatic when they see you again for the first time. On the other hand, when something bad happens, dogs also sense that as well. Often times, they show their loyalty to their owner through extreme conditions.

A picture of canine devotion, a Cocker Spaniel stands loyally by the coffin of his owner, one of the 290 people killed in Italy’s earthquake.

The dog, called Flash, refused to leave the spot, repeatedly pawing at the casket that held the body of his master.

It was yet another touching image to emerge from a natural disaster that has left so much heartache and grief.

Flash’s owner was Andrea Cossu, 45, who was on holiday in the village of Pescara del Tronto when he was killed by a collapsing building.

The village has been razed to the ground – cars have been crushed by pieces of masonry, houses have crumbled into dust and personal possessions lie scattered amid the debris.


Mr. Cossu’s funeral was held on Friday in Pomezia, the town south of Rome where he lived.

“The two of them were inseparable,” relatives told the Italian media.

Mr. Cossu, originally from Sardinia, was one of dozens of victims who lived in and around Rome but who had come to the mountains for a summer holiday.

Flash will now be looked after by Mr Cossu’s wife, who survived the quake.

Mr. Cossu will be missed by his dog, Flash, and just like Mr. Cossu’s human friends, he will go through the stages of mourning, show signs of depression and loss of appetite. Flash may even lose interest in drinking water, and hopefully those around him will monitor that. Flash may even howl from time to time. Just like a human, Flash will need to get through the grieving process and then move on with his life. Either way, it’s still sad to watch.

Our hearts and prayers are with all those families and their loved ones including their pets, in Italy, especially near the town of Amatrice, where almost 300 people died due to the recent earthquake.



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