Officer Gets Shot In Face By Thug, Although It’s His Next 4 Words That Leave Us In Awe

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Chicago is a dangerous place to be a police officer. This cop can attest to that! While he was out on patrol with his partner they began the pursuit of a stolen vehicle. During the chase, Lawson started firing at the officers and shot one in the face.

He didn’t wait for an ambulance or go to the hospital. Instead of cowering down, this officer said four astonishing words.

Charles Lawson, 24, is the man who led police on this heart-pounding chase. Blue Lives Matter reports that Lawson hit McDonald in the face with a bullet. when the officer pulled over to check his injuries he can be heard in the footage saying “I’m f*cking shot. I’m hit! I’m hit!…”

A few seconds later the officer realized it was “only a flesh wound” that skimmed his forehead and he literally dodged a bullet! It was at that moment that McDonald uttered four words that put police officers dedication to their job into perspective. He brushed off his injuries and yelled, “F*ck this sh*t. Let’s go get him.”

The officer injured was identified as Brandon McDonald, 35, who has been a Chicago police officer for two years. He serves in the 22nd District. He was grazed in the cheek after a bullet pierced his windshield, police said.

Officers in another cruiser picked up the pursuit and returned fire, but Lawson was not struck or injured.

The pursuit ended when Lawson lost control and crashed into a parked Volkswagen. The dashcam video shows what appears to be a gun being tossed out of the car, the suspect putting his hands up then opening the door and laying down on the street beside the car where officers took him into custody.

“During questioning, Mr. Lawson admitted he stole the vehicle to use it in a retaliatory shooting later that evening. What happened last night was a perfect example of good police work and a sobering reminder to all of us of the dangers that officers face on a daily basis,” Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the dashcam video is part of the criminal investigation into Lawson, and is separate from the use of force investigation into the officer’s actions being conducted by the Independent Police Review Authority.

Johnson also said that Lawson had only served limited time for armed robbery and should not have been on the streets. He said it is another example of the lax sentencing laws that help fuel violence in Chicago.

“There are emboldened offenders in some of our communities that think it’s okay to shoot at the police with an illegal gun from a car you stole at gunpoint that you plan to use to shoot another person while you’re on parole,” Johnson said.

This heroic police officer is an inspiration. He sums up the selflessness and dedication it takes to be a police officer. These men are just trying to do their job and make sure that everyone including themselves makes it home safely to their families.

Ebony Bruner came home to find her car in the center of a massive crime scene.

Bruner said…”Lots of police. All I could see was police and red tape,” she’s glad the officer is doing well and that the suspect is off the streets.

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