Officer Can’t Move Legs After Lunch, Realizes Horrid Thing Punk Hid In His Drink

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A very unfortunate Utah police officer had the luck to get this jerk as his Subway server. The terrifying incident occured when this cop stopped to get a bite to eat on the job. Shortly after he’d eatin his sandwich he felt the effects of his drink, slowly he started to lose the feeling in his legs…that’s when he realized just what this sick freak laced his drink with!

After ordering a sandwich and a lemonade from the restaurant’s drive-thru window, the uniformed police officer went on his way. Although he states that he noticed the drink tasted weird after his initial sip, he didn’t really give it another thought – but that turned out to be a big mistake.

Before long, the cop’s legs had stopped working properly. A police report that has since been released on the incident describes the terrifying ordeal more in-depth:

“While approaching an intersection that had a red light, he had difficulty getting his foot to move to the brake pedal. (He) drove to the Layton Police Department, where he was observed to have signs of impairment. He was unable to process information and drifted off, and was unable to focus on questions being asked of him.”

Seeing that the officer wasn’t quite himself, fellow law enforcement personnel quickly got to work on finding out what had happened. During their brief investigation, they ran a test on the officer’s food and drink. Much to their surprise, his cup tested positive for methamphetamine and THC.

Investigating police then traveled to the subway to take a peek at the surveillance camera footage. What they found was Tanis Lloyd Ukena, 18, dumping the drugs into the drink.

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According to the evidence “[Ukena] is seen filling the drink portion of the order at the drive-up fountain area…For some unknown reason, he walks away from the fountain machine out of camera view. He then returns to the drink where he is seen spending what seems to be an unusual amount of time getting it ready to deliver to the sergeant.”

Techniqually police have yet to discover a motive but the motive is pretty obvious. This punk hated cops. Liberals are eager to take cheap shots at police and other innocent people who don’t agree with their political agendas. It’s pretty sad that our officers have to be carefull where they eat now, I’d be brown bagging it from now on if I were in uniform. This needs to end, cops are dying left and right. Everything started with good ol’ Obama race dividing our country.

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