Off-Duty Officer Wears Brutally Honest Shirt, 3-Words Silence Thugs For Good

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Our officers deserve more respect now than they ever have before. They are being picked off one by one like the bad guy in a video game. One officer was verbally attacked just for expressing three words on his T-shirt during his day off. This picture has gone viral for a reason…it shuts thugs up for good.

A police officer’s job has never been more difficult than it is now, thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement that blames cops for a thug’s bad choices, and our president who defends criminals. With all of the hate and targeting of law enforcement, police are forced to protect and defend themselves aginst these cowards, in addition to just trying to do their job, including saving people who hate them.

An unnamed police officer was on his day off from work, but he never fully separated from duty when wearing more casual attire — specifically a blue t-shirt that has garnered a lot of attention. Putting it plainly how he feels about other people’s opinions of how officers should do their job, the shirt stated that he is a police officer, followed by, “My job is to protect your ASS,” above a picture of a badge with 3 final words below it — “Not kiss it.”

He didn’t need to list all of his daily duties of everything else officers do for people in the community, the message was simply to address the overwhelming issue that when officers respond to threats in the way they are trained to do, they are blamed for it. If the plan with the BLM movement is the get cops to back off so they can freely commit crimes without punishment, that isn’t going to work.

Police officers have a very important job to do. Without them, our families wouldn’t be safe. These Black Lives Matter thugs are only happy when they are causing problems, they are so devoid of emotion they don’t know what it feels like to love another person. I feel sorry for these people who are empty shells of a human being, they do nothing but promote violence and hatred. With the push to disarm the law-abiding Americans, and demanding cops stand down, one thing is glaringly obvious, our thug squatting in the White House wants America in chaos.

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