Obama and Paul Ryan Have Screwed the Next President Into the Ground and Off the Cliff [VIDEO]

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Guess what, if you’re depending on ObamaCare for your medical insurance needs you’re in deep doo-doo. All of the major insurers are looking at either bailing out of ObamaCare or dramatically reducing the policies they offer. Oh, and your premiums are going to go up as much is 40%.

Who in the world could’ve thought this could happen. Well, conservatives have been saying it would happen since the day Barack Obama cooked up the idea. But what do we know? For starters, we know more than the “smartest man who’s ever been president.”

This year’s ObamaCare open enrollment. Starts a week before election day and ends just before Barack Obama leaves office on January 20. It looks like younger, healthier people are leaving the ObamaCare marketplaces in droves. Health insurers have been losing their shirts for the last 3 years, but for the last 3 years it didn’t really matter because the American taxpayer – you – was picking up the tab for those losses. That’s going to end next year.

Let’s not forget that Paul Ryan is up to his eyeballs in this mess because as The Speaker, he had the opportunity to shut off funds for ObamaCare and refused to. Just like with relocating Muslim terrorists to your neighborhood, Paul Ryan is Barack Obama’s best friend.

Hillary Clinton is vowing to “make ObamaCare work” by spending more of your money on premiums. Donald Trump is vowing to get rid of it. In reality, Trump may not have the opportunity to get rid of it because the major insurance companies may just do that for him.

That which can’t go on, won’t.

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