Obama Opened GITMO and Here’s What Happened. Hint: Americans Died

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In his 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and for whatever else you’ll say about his presidency he accomplished that goal. America is significantly more highly taxed, more oppressively regulated, more in line with the vision of the world espoused by the United Nations, less supportive of Democratic allies, and on bended knee to fundamentalist Muslim dictatorships like Iran.

One of Obama’s seminal promises in that first campaign was to close the American military prison housing terrorists in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. GITMO has been a rallying cry for the far left for decades.

A feckless Congress run by Establishment Republicans who have more in common with Barack Obama than their conservative base made a halfhearted attempt to block the closure of Guantánamo Bay.

Obama and the left like to point to U.S. support of Israel and things like Guantánamo Bay as the reason “Muslims don’t like us.” Obama and the left run away from the fact that Muslims simply hate the West. They hated any culture not their own for 1,400 years since Islam was founded by the pedophile prophet Mohammed.

So the Republican Congress made a halfhearted attempt to block Obama’s closure OF GITMO and he simply went around them. Instead of bringing terrorist prisoners to the U.S. he just released them.

His own Director of National Intelligence released a report last year that noted the following.

As of January 15, 2015 a total of 647 detainees had been released from Guantánamo of these 116 were confirmed to have reengaged in terrorist or insurgent activities and another 69 are suspected to have rejoined their terrorist comrades.

In other words, almost 30% of detainees released by Obama are back to the terrorist ways that got them to Guantánamo Bay in the first place.

What did the U.S. get for releasing these terrorists? Well, Barack Obama and his sycophants got a false sense of moral superiority and the opportunity to smugly point out that “their president” could do whatever he wanted to, when he wanted to.

This week Obama had another highlight by releasing 15 more terrorists and bringing the terrorist population of Guantánamo Bay down to 61. The 15 are on their way to United Arab Emirates who will hold them on “house arrest” for a little while before sending them back into action against the West.

Thank you Barack, you’ve done a hell of a job. You’ve undermined to demoralize the United States military, you’ve rearmed Iran – the number one supplier of arms to Muslim terrorist organizations, you’ve undercut our number one ally in the Middle East – Israel, and you’ve released men who are part of the leadership of Muslim terrorist organizations worldwide.

You’ve not only fundamentally changed America, you may well have fundamentally change the world.

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