Obama Admin Gives Somali Immigrants Inside Look at US Airport: What Could Go Wrong?

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Minnesota has a very large population of Somali Muslim immigrants. They’re very well-organized, well connected to the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR), and they’re even well-connected in state government.  There also very well known to law enforcement community.

The Somalis a long history of being leeches on Minnesota’s generous welfare benefits and the ones who actually do work seem to all work at or around the airport.

Somali cabdrivers have made news number of times for refusing to carry passengers who have been drinking, or who are carrying alcohol. They’ve refused to carry single women. They’ve refused to carry passengers who have service dogs. In other words, they routinely invoke Sharia law to inconvenience and harass their passengers.

And then there are the Somalis who actually work at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

In 2010 the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, hired one Abdirizak Farah. Mr. Farah was hired to be TSA’s “Somali liaison officer” at the airport. In 2014 and again in 2015, Mr. Farah organized excursions of the airport for the Somali community. They were showing off plans to modernize ticketing areas or waiting areas or wonderful new food courts. The tour took them through the airports sterile and secure areas, places where if you are I wandered through would likely be shot. In addition to the tours DHS also provided the Muslim community “with an” in-depth, on-site tour and discussion of the airport, including both inbound and outbound passenger processing.” The attendees had the opportunity to ask about the agency’s “specific practices” at the airport.

In other words, Mr. Farah – who earns over $130,000 in his “Somali liaison officer” job – made sure the Somali community was fully briefed on airport security practices.

DHS admitted that no other group had ever been granted such access.

This is a special concern because the Somali community in Minnesota is also home to the largest contingent of people who are trying to get to the Middle East to fight with ISIS.

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In 2014 one member of the Somali community was working as an aircraft cleaner and had full and unfettered access to the interior of airplanes transiting through the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. He’s also the first person in the U. S. to be arrested for trying to get to the Middle East to join ISIS. I would guess it was just poor planning on the terrorists part that they didn’t use him right where he was. He could’ve easily planted bombs on a number of aircraft on any given day.

Remember, he passed a background check.

And then there are the “Minnesota Man.” These guys – 10 Somalis – work together to join ISIS and also to get weapons for mass terror attack here in the U. S.

The FBI got wind of their plot, broke it up, and they’re in federal prison today.

Minnesota leads the nation in terrorists trying to get to the Middle East. I can imagine that ISIS hasn’t figured out by now that they can make better use of them here in the U. S.

And what is the Obama administration doing about this? They’re working diligently with Paul Ryan to bring hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from the Middle East into the U. S. and they’re going to relocate them to your neighborhood. Oh, by the way, your new neighbors won’t even have to pass the same background checks that the Minnesota terrorists working at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport had to pass. Obama and Ryan are just assuming they’re “good people.”

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