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Nudist Taking A Dip In Lake Feels Prick Down Below, Instantly He’s In AGONY


He didn’t care who was watching, he was there to relax in the nude. He decided he would take a dip in the lake to cool down for a while. That’s when it happened, he felt sudden agony in his private parts. This painful prick felt like what one would imagine a piranha bite might feel like. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the weeds as he suspected, when he looked down to see what it was, this nudist realized just how awful the situation really was.
You can imagine Mr. Fendt’s surprise when his eyes landed on a fishing hook stuck in his penis. Meanwhile, close to Fendt was a fisherman enjoying the day himself, and assuming he’d caught a fish he was reeling in his catch…that was pretty close to the time this petrified guy knew he had to act fast.


Mr Fendt was swimming in the Kaisersee, a lake north of Augsburg in southern Germany, when he found the line attached to his
‘I cried out to the fisherman ashore shouting “do not pull, do not pull”. I was terrified he was going to try to reel me in,’ he said.
Mr Fendt, who is using an alias to avoid ridicule, swam ashore but was unable to ease the hook out of his manhood.

Fendt quickly snipped the line, hopped on his bike, and pedaled home as fast as he could with a hook attached to his penis. After arriving home he made a quick dash over to the hospital. Fortunately for him, the doctors were able to remove the hook and he’s expected to heal just fine.200 (11)

What are the odds that the fisherman would catch a penis and not a fish?! That’s funny…poor guy, but, he was kind of asking for it. After all of the trauma, he endured he said he will still go back and enjoy himself in the nude, but, that other people need to be more careful and respect one another. Yeah right, dude, keep your junk covered up and nothing will come nipping at it, like fishing hooks for example.


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