All You Need to Know from a Longtime Trump Employee [VIDEO]

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The Clinton campaign, Democrats in general, and especially the #NeverTrump crowd of Establishment Republicans who got their little feelings hurt by Trump’s win in the primary have been relentless about accusing Donald Trump of being a racist and sexist. Needless to say, there’s more to that story than the Democratic media operatives with bylines want you to know about.

Lynne Patton is the director of the Eric Trump Foundation and she’s known the Trump family for a very long time. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in the 50s and she knows racism when she sees it. Lynne Patton just happens to be black. She also happens to be an executive in the Trump organization and knows the family firsthand.

Here’s what Lynne Patton has to say about those allegations against Donald Trump.

I certainly hope Donald Trump makes this video into a television ad because the American people need to know the truth and they’re not going to get it from the Democratic media operatives with bylines.

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