NATO Commander Agrees With Trump – Not Obama, Hillary or Media


Donald Trump sent the Obama administration and our NATO “allies” scrambling for a spot under their beds recently when Trump said that other NATO nations have to start meeting their financial obligations to the NATO pact if they expect the U.S. to continue to defend them.

Needless to say, Democrats screamed about Trump’s comments, worried that it could embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin.  They are concerned that Putin might make a show of force and could even take back Ukraine.  Oh.  Wait …

As of right now only five of 28 NATO nations are meeting their pledge to spend at lease 2% of their GDP on defense.  The U.S., U.K., Poland, Greece, and Estonia.  The remaining NATO “partners” are spending money welcoming Muslim “refugees” into their countries which will degrade their national defense not enhance it.  Just look at Germany and France where Muslims are visiting almost daily slaughter on the German and French people.

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Amidst the whining from Democrats, Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO’s top commander, said, “What I tell them typically is that look, we have a people and a Congress with a tough budget as well,” Scaparrotti said Thursday night. “So as a leader of another country you have to put your share into this, you have to do that because when I go back to testify to Congress I get asked these questions.”

Scaparrotti was speaking at the Aspen Security Forum.

In other words, “put up or shut up.”

The NATO charter specifies that an attack on any one NATO member is an attack on all.  For all practical purposes that means that an attack on any one NATO member is an attack on the U.S.  The Brits, French, and Germans are under invasion by Muslim terrorists and have so far done nothing to stop it.  Do you really think they’re going to take on the Russians?  I don’t either.

Donald Trump is right.  You want our protection, you pay for it.  Cut spending on welfare benefits for your lazy, do-nothing populations.  Or let them learn to speak Russian.  Or Arabic.

Frankly, letting Russia overrun NATO countries could solve the problems created by the Muslim invasion.  I’d rather deal with the Russians than a bunch of 7th century tribesmen who’ve been butchering and enslaving their neighbors for 1,400 years.

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