Naked Man Races Into Mosque, Delivers Sickening Surprise For Muslim Imam

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An imam never expected anything different than the usual daily routine, but things turned upside down when a naked man streaked his way into the mosque and interrupted the sermon to deliver a message of his own.

A message of terror.

Ainani arrived early to perform the ritual prayer over the loudspeakers known as adhan. As he was turning to face Mecca the crazed man rushed toward him. Immediately the imam understood what he was going on, a few short seconds after this realization, his life came to an abrupt halt.


The weapon went all the way through Ainani’s back and exited through his chest before the sheikh collapsed, Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Williams Kaponda explained.

“The victim arrived at the mosque and started call for fellow Muslims (Mwazin) to join him whist facing Mecca,” said Kaponda. “As he was in the process [an] unknown naked person stabbed him on the back left shoulder and the spear protruded on his front left breast.”
The Nyika Daily News reports that Ainani was in critical condition at St. Anne’s Hospital but has since been stabilized and is expected to survive.

Kaponda stated that the police have not uncovered a motive for the attack and added that it is uncommon for a case like this in the district.

Of course, if the mainstream media got hold of this story, they’d most likely attempt to paint it as though a Christian extremist or right-wing nutjob took his racist, Islamophobic ideations out on a peaceful imam. However, just as liberals like to spin the fact that Muslims are routinely targeted by Muslims, this is probably the case as well.

According to the U.S. National Counter-terrorism Center, at least 82 percent of terrorism-related fatalities consisted of Muslim victims. Leftists would argue only to make the point that Muslims are the biggest victims, but there are many reasons that they don’t want to address.
Most Islamic terror attacks happen in Muslim-majority countries. When 97 percent of a country’s population is of one demographic, it’s common sense to assume that the majority of victims will be from this demographic. After all, it’s incredibly difficult to find a Christian or Jew to slaughter for Allah in Saudi Arabia, a country with religious minorities in hiding and no churches or synagogue’s allowed.

Allah expressed his disgust for those who do not carry out violent crimes against the non-believers. Mosques that preach co-existence with other religions put targets on their backs, for shootings, bombings, and stabbings.

What do we expect if Muslims are slaughtering their own who refuse violence? They are not the religion of peace, they are the religion of terror. Should liberals really expect us to tolerate this kind of radical behavior in hopes that there are a few good apples in the spoiled bunch of them? Good gosh, they can’t even stop murdering each other and we are inviting them here to disrupt our freedom? NO THANK YOU.

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