Mom Unleashes NASTY Surprise After Being Yelled At For Nursing

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During her visit to the park, a mother became deeply disturbed when she witnessed an intimate act occurring between the mother and child. She briskly walked over to her and asked her to go to a more private place to breastfeed her child, because it was something others were having a hard time looking away from. Unfortunately for her, things took a drastic turn when the offended woman grabbed her chest and unleashed a nasty, sticky, surprise, on the stranger.


However, it seems that the page has recently incurred an influx of traffic after one of their posts recently went viral. As explained, a woman and her husband took their child to a local park when they saw a woman breastfeeding her baby out in the open.

Uncomfortable with the situation, she decided that she’d go over and ask the nursing mother to either cover up or go somewhere a little more private because seeing the public display, as the mother breastfed her child openly, was upsetting to her family. Unfortunately, the situation would quickly spiral out of control when the woman was met with a big “f*ck you” – but that’s not all.
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As it turns out, the nursing mother had a nasty surprise for the confrontational stranger. She grabbed her own chest and proceeded to “squirt her boob” at the woman, giving her a nasty surprise in the form of a human milk bath of sorts. Of course, the conversation quickly ended there, but that wasn’t about to stop the woman from letting the whole world know what had happened.

2016-08-07 18_36_28-Mom Grabs Chest After Being Yelled At For Nursing, Unleashes NASTY Surprise

Too bad for her, many people were quick to come to the nursing mother’s defense. From saying things like breastfeeding is “only natural” to suggesting that she should have left if she was uncomfortable, the public was quick to say they didn’t agree with the offended woman on the issue.

Honestly, breastfeeding in public isn’t something I’m comfortable with myself, I don’t feel awkward when someone else wants to, though. It seems like this woman was just jealous that her husband could see someone else’s boobs more than anything and used her kids as an out so she didn’t sound like a desperately frustrated wife. No matter what side of the argument you’re on, you get more with sugar than with spice, so play nice!

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