Media Makes HUGE Announcement on Communist USA Party Endorsement of Hillary! … just kidding – not a peep:

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Hillary Clinton got a major endorsement last month that you probably missed reading about in the New York Times.  She was endorsed by the Communist Party USA.  They endorsed her in an editorial that encouraged their members to unite behind Hillary to defeat the evil Donald Trump.

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The editorial read just like you’d expect a Pravda editorial to read.  Trump is working with giant corporations and against the “working man,” and they said it with a straight face.  There was no mention of Hillary’s connection-at-the-hip with Wall Street and especially with Goldman Sachs.  There was no request – or demand, because Communists don’t make “requests” – for the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to Goldman Sachs.  The speeches that she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver.

Democrats have been united with Communists for a long time.  If you look back at the CPUSA political platform it looks just like today’s Democratic Party platform.  And, if you look at the way Democrat leaders – Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton – operate, they are looking more and more like Joseph Stalin.

If Hillary is elected in November, I would expect to see reeducation camps popping up all over.  Assuming they’re not already in place.

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