Man Violently Swings Privates In Middle Of An Intersection…Say Sayonara!

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If you’ve been to San Francisco you know you see all kinds of crazy things there that are completely out in the open, ranging from people jumping out at you behind bushes to scary old women offering up their “services”. This is one encounter I am grateful to have never had!

A very disturbed man was wildly shaking his thang at cars and pedestrians this last Friday. Instead of working the corner, he decided to “work” the intersection, after darting into traffic he began wildly flapping everything around. It wasn’t until an hour later that police finally did the only thing they could think of.

A witness caught the man on video running and waving his fists at police who tried to subdue him with what appeared to be pepper spray.

They eventually tackled him and handcuffed him. A witness said he was taken to an ambulance on a stretcher.
He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The police confirmed the incident, saying, ‘At around 1:30pm, officers responded to a call of a naked male banging on cars,” she said. ‘Upon attempting to detain the male subject, he became combative, and appeared to have an altered mental status.’

After screaming and dancing for a straight hour, the police did the only thing they could think of to rid themselves of this problem. They shut down the intersection. I know this guy needs mental help and everything but this kind of thing isn’t okay. Do you think he should still get some kind of punishment?

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