Man Sneaks Quick Pic Of What Islamic Girls Are Doing, Immediately Regrets it!

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A man visiting a beach in France decided to take a few pictures of the festivities, unfortunately for him, Muslim men decided that their slave woman shouldn’t have been in the picture. That’s when things blew up in his face, and he wished he’d never taken out the camera in the first place!

Prior to this picture, the French Mayor made an announcement that had Muslims bristling with anger. The burkini, an Islamic bathing suit alternative, was officially banned from beaches near the area. The reason for the ban was because of the hygiene, or lack thereof, problems. You can imagine this sparked the already easily angered Muslims temper, an all-out battle ensued within seconds of that little camera flash.
Hatchets and harpoons were thrown in this little brawl, luckily for this photographer he had some help come to his aid.

When the bathers objected, a group of local teenagers are said to have come to the photographer’s defense.
Local reports said that the group of North African men armed themselves and took on the young Corsicans. One man was hit by a spear-like weapon and a pregnant woman was taken to hospital with injuries.
Tension between local communities in France and Muslims of North African origin has grown since 85 people were massacred by a lorry driver in a jihadi-linked terror attack in Nice on July 14.

France has already introduced a controversial countrywide ‘burka ban’ which outlaws women from wearing full-face veils in public.
The new beach rules in Cannes will see women caught wearing full-body, head covering burkinis facing a €38 (£32) fine if they refuse to change or leave the beach.
The unrest in Corsica, which lasted several hours, escalated when the teenagers’ parents rushed from their village to the beach where two of them were then injured with harpoons. In retaliation, villagers then set fire to cars belonging to the bathers, it is claimed.
According to French newspaper Le Monde, one man was injured twice by a harpoon after his son was beaten up. Stones and bottles were also thrown.
Two fathers from the bathing party were reportedly injured. In total, three cars were burned and five people had to be taken to the hospital.
Riot police were called to the scene on Saturday and the French interior minister later called for calm.
Local mayor Ange-Pierre Vivoni said: ‘It happened because a tourist was taking photos and the Maghrebins [North Africans] didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter, to begin with.’

The head of municipal services said : ‘We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach, but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us.” ‘I’m simply banning a uniform that is the symbol of Islamist extremism.’

It looks like the people of France are finally getting sick and tired of bowing down to their Muslim oppressors. Might we suggest this tactic to Americans? Let’s quit being bullied by our Muslim enemies and take a stand for our freedom.

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