Madonna’s Lover from the 70’s to Release Intimate Videos: Start Hoarding the Eye-bleach Now!

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So here’s a trivia question for you: What pop star, one-hit-wonder is set to release photos, letters and a video of Madonna from the late 70’s/early 80’s in a new and upcoming documentary entitled “Emmy and the Emmys”?

I don’t know about you, but I had to look the guy up. If you guessed Dan Gilroy, nice work!

Turns out Dan Gilroy was in a pop band called “Breakfast Club”. In the late 70’s, Dan was also Madonna’s lover, who at the time happened to be the drummer in the band.  Here’s a picture from the two – Dan Gilroy and Madonna together.


This is probably one of the “tamer” pictures of the two of them that we will see in the soon to be released documentary of “Emmy and the Emmy’s”.

H/T Page Six:

Gilroy — who fronted the one-hit-wonder pop group the Breakfast Club, and dated Madonna for around 18 months beginning in 1979 — has turned over hours of video and stacks of letters and photos to director Guy Guido for the project. The documentary “Emmy and the Breakfast Club” — which includes “re-enactments” as well as interviews — focuses on the period from 1979 to 1982, immediately before Madonna became famous, while she was living in an abandoned synagogue in Corona, Queens, with Dan and his brother, Ed Gilroy.

The in-the-works flick is set to reveal everything from “sweet little love notes that she would leave for Dan” to “very poetic love letters ­expressing her feelings for him and the struggles of their relationship,” the director said.

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Actress Jamie Auld as Madonna

A 20-minute recording the couple made in bed, Guido told us, captures the pair “having fun with each other and bedroom talk, and also getting into a little philosophical life discussion.” He added that it’s “silly, romantic bantering.”

The decision to release such personal material without Madonna’s consent wasn’t taken lightly.

“There are some intimate things, but at this point they’re ready to share. Especially Dan — he’s been holding this in a very long time,” Guido told Page Six.

The director also said that while young Madonna’s relationship with Gilroy is the “meat” of the movie, it also explores her ferocious ambition and drive to make it in the music business.

The film “Emmy and the Emmy’s should prove to be interesting and colorful…just like Madonna.  Did you expect anything less?

By the way, 2nd Trivia question: Why is the movie called “Emmy and the Emmy’s”?

Maybe this will help:

(***Warning NOTICE: Mature Audience: MALN***)

Did you get it? …Emmy was Madonna’s nickname.

“She wasn’t a great drummer, but neither was Ringo”….Love that line!

Gary Burke (bass) and Stephen Bray (drums)both left the band “Breakfast Club” and joined Madonna in the band “Emmy and the Emmy’s”.

To say that Madonna had an a level of 10 for energy and enthusiasm, well, you got that right! If you ever were lucky enough to see one of Madonna’s later performances, she usually rocked the house!

Speaking of performances and rocking…we will all have to wait until January 2017 to see the videos of Gilroy and Madonna in bed in the documentary of “Emmy and the Emmy’s”.








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