Louisiana Flood Victims Reveal Disturbing Thing Red Cross Did To Them

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Recently our supposed caring Red Cross has come under serious fire. The people are running out of necessities, but the Red Cross just shushes them. They don’t want to hear any complaints from the people who just lost everything. A little after 12:00 pm last week residents of the emergency flood shelter started asking where their lunch would be served.

The answer these hungry survivors received each time was, “We don’t know. It’s out of our hands.”. All the while, the hungry shelter residents watch as those merciless men and women who wore the Red Cross vests passed them with large meals. They said the food trays were donated to the volunteers and that their food would come eventually.

While waiting for lunch , Heymann shelter residents accused Red Cross volunteers of providing meager and sporadic meals, keeping donations for themselves, using racial slurs and inflicting pain upon a child. They reported that volunteers wouldn’t accommodate those with special needs and didn’t supply residents with basic necessary medications.

The claims of abuse have been adamantly denied by the Red Cross Volunteer in charge of the shelter, but these concerns weren’t just expressed in one are. These complaints have gone viral all over social media, now there is talk about Red Cross volunteers being removed from their duties by local sheriffs.

According to Nora, her youngest son, Gary, was abused by a Red Cross volunteer after the boy was yanked by the arm after he tried to use the unoccupied women’s restroom. Her mother, Sarah Nora, said she also witnessed the wrongdoing. “She grabbed him by the arm and wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom. He urinated all over himself and hurt his knee.”

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“She pulled my arm like this,” the child recounted, throwing himself sideways. “Then she made me ran into the door. That’s how my knee got like this.”

According to Megan Wyatt at The Advertiser, there was a total of 87 people staying at the Heymann Center last Tuesday, a huge drop from the 247 who stayed overnight on August 13th. Sarah Nora said that she overheard Red Cross volunteers calling shelter residents derogatory names after many shelter residents were reassigned to other locations.

“Some of the people got approved for hotels by FEMA and left yesterday,” Sarah Nora recalled. “One of the guys stacking the cots after they left, he said, ‘Well, finally some of them n*ggers gone.”

Yesterday, August 26th, a Facebook user posted her own account of the abuse that is underway by the Red Cross volunteers. In her account, the volunteers were actually denying food to hungry victims, while another witness posted a picture of the inadequate portions of food given out by Red Cross volunteers.


A resident recounted the horrific fact that food was being withheld from them while the volunteers were chowing down with the very food donated to the cause. The victims were lucky to get to even receive some of the portions showed above.

The list od grievances are extremely lengthy, but what I can’t seem to understand is why they would dot! You volunteer for the Red Cross, why would you do that just to be cruel to innocent people. Volunteers have trashed donations of clothing while they focus on cash donations. What sick, demented bastards.

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