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Looked Out Their Window, Saw Demented Naked Girl Pressed Against It!



Imagine relaxing after a long day, you sit down to eat popcorn, read, watch TV, or whatever it is you do to kick your feet up, then all of the sudden you hear a loud THUD come from your apartment window where no thud should be coming from.

A very depressed suicidal woman decided it was her time to go, but someone else must have had other plans…

When she jumped her mother caught her hands and held onto her daughter as long as she could, but her hands eventually slipped. Then fate stepped in again when the naked woman flailed in the air to her next stop…a neighbors air conditioning unit two stories down. As she fell she screamed in English and Spanish saying: ” God is coming and everybody has to be better people, and we have to love each other” “God loves us – and God loves everybody and clean your house of bad things, bad energy.’”


If a naked woman landed against my air conditioner, my adrenaline would shoot straight through the roof!

Police gathered outside the window to save the obviously mentally unstable woman, she fought them off as best she could so she could meet the pavement below, but alas, it was a big policeman and a petite lady, she obviously lost and was dragged inside against her will.

The officers then clothed her and carried her out on a stretcher. She has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

She won’t be facing any criminal charges, let’s just hope this very unwell woman gets some much-needed help. If this ever happens to occur again, neighbors have prepared themselves, they armed the air conditioning units with pillows to soften her blow.


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