Journalist Panicked, Fears Assassination After What He Just Revealed About Hillary

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Have reporters and journalists learned nothing from the reports they show on the news? Apparently not. One such journalist learned/exposed just a little too much about Hillary and is now fearful for his life.

The mafia-style control that the liberal media holds over journalists continues forward. One man dared to ask the wrong question to the evil Democratic queen, and now, he’s paying the price for it. Hillary has her claws around the throats of anyone who dares to expose the truth about her, the body count is still on the rise

Some people wind up mysteriously dead after crushing their own throats with a barbell, or wind up suddenly depressed and “commit suicide” by walking out in front of a speeding train, others who are lucky enough to skim by with their life.

Immediately following the news that Doctor Drew was fired from CNN after stating during an interview that he was “gravely concerned over Hillary Clinton’s health,” another person questioning the presidential candidate’s health is also paying for it big time, proving once again just how far this woman will go in order to silence her opposition.

Early on Sunday, Huffington Post journalist David Seaman published an article titled, “Hillary Clinton’s Health is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens), which started to gain incredible popularity, trending on the front of the website as the number three story of the day. But soon after Seaman’s article began to go viral, he noticed that it was mysteriously deleted without warning from the site. Seaman immediately screenshotted the deletion, taking to Twitter to vent his frustration.
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Seaman’s article did not make any wild accusations about Hillary’s health, but simply linked to the viral video produced by Info Wars’ journalist Paul Joseph Watson, who had raised legitimate questions currently being discussed by many concerned Americans around the country.

But in an act reminiscent of communist China, Huffington Post not only deleted Seaman’s article, but then delivered their fascist career-ending news. Right after learning he was terminated from the left-leaning news site, an extremely shaken Seaman posted a video to YouTube discussing what had happened. The journalist revealed he was scared for his life, and wanted to assure his followers that he was not suicidal or accident prone. He then signaled to viewers that should he mysteriously wind up dead, to make sure he’s added to Hillary’s ever-increasing body count. He then went on to speak about the rigged media, calling out their bias for refusing to cover the Clinton Foundation leaks from the Democratic National Committee.

Seamen hit it spot on when he said…

“It strikes me as absolutely rigged and absolutely corrupt. I don’t agree with everything Trump has said, but we do have a rigged system — we do have a rigged media where truth is not getting out,” Seaman stated in his live video. “If their interest was truth — if their interest was the public interest — they would be talking about this most recent Wikileaks batch until they turn off the lights at night and have to go home.”

“So why aren’t they talking about that?” he asked.

It’s honestly horrifying that during this time in our American history, speaking the truth is met with SEVERE consequences. The media no longer reports the truth, it’s simply a tool to further liberal agendas and influence the masses. George Orwell, an English journalist, stated that in our time of extreme universal corruption and lies speaking the truth appears to be a revolutionary act. These words hit home in America’s current state of turmoil.

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