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Islamic Thug Jumps Oblivious Police Officer, Instantly Regrets it!


A very irate Muslim man, who obviously needed a Xanax, was beyond furious when his flight was delayed, so he took it out on the nearest person he could, a police officer. Much to his dismay, this officer was no pussy, he taught this crappy Muslim a thing or two. The clip below depicts the thug kicking and punching two unsuspecting officers, other travelers in the background show their support for the officers by booing, but, are too scared to step in, you know how dangerous these people can be…

2016-07-27 22_45_34-Muslim Thug Jumps Unsuspecting Airport Police Officers, Instantly Regrets It

The confrontation ends when the man suddenly drops to the floor. It is unclear whether he was tasered or whether he was just play-acting in order to portray himself as the victim.
The rest of the man’s family, including two Muslim women wearing hijabs, then crowd around the police.

Some people claimed that the man was upset because security tried to check his wife’s veil, although there is no confirmation of this.
Frankfurt Police quickly responded to the video after it went viral in a Facebook post, urging people not to spread “anxiety” and “terror”.

“Several thousand passengers were stranded at the airport” due to “bad weather,” states the police response.
The man, described as “English” by Frankfurt Police, became verbally aggressive and threatened airport staff, forcing federal police to intervene.

By the end of this scuffle, no one was badly injured. Police insist this man had no terrorist background and ask that everyone keep it “hush hush” since tensions are high in Germany.



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