The Islamic Fashion Police: Will They Get Their Own Reality Show?


At least 15 women’s clothing shops in Iran have been raided and shut down because they are selling cloths that breach Islamic fashion!

The crackdown on Western attire in the Islamic country comes after a leading Iranian cleric accused the fashion of causing rivers to run dry.

Islamic codes are strictly enforced in Iran and women are  expected to cover their heads, pants and a long sleeved coat that reaches to the mid-thigh or knee.

At least 15 women’s clothing shops in Iran have been raided and shut down because they are selling cloths that breach Islamic fashion!

The Daily Express reports:

“Manufacturers have been ordered to change their designs by officials and the black market for smuggled foreign clothing has experienced problems with demand.

The Tasnim News Agency, which is linked to the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Force, reported the crackdown.

Ebrahim Khatabakhsh, the head of the clothes manufacturers’ union in Isfahan, said: “Clothes production and distribution lines in Isfahan that do not conform to the standards of the Islamic Republic of Iran are being dealt with.”

Just last year, Iran arrested 50 women for immodest dress, according to reports from the Islamic Republic.

Officers reportedly confronted and arrested a big group of women walking in an affluent area of the Iranian capital’s northern region.

At least 15 women’s clothing shops in Iran have been raided and shut down because they are selling cloths that breach Islamic fashion!

The morality police said that they were guilty of wearing “shameful and immoral dress in public,”

You will note that the feminists in America have been silent. It does not fit their liberal narrative of accepting Sharia Law and Islamic custom freely, whether it mistreats women or not.

When confronted with the issue of women and rights in Muslim countries, apologists insist that the religion has been misunderstood.  They blame tradition and tribal societies for the low status and oppression of women.

They make every excuse in the book, but it cannot be denied: Sharia and Islam treats women like second class citizens.

Turmoil when Moral Police arrest young girl for non Islamic clothing in Iran,Tehran:



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