HORROR: Woman Trips On Train Tracks, Husband Tries To Free Her But…

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Warning…this one’s a tear-jerker. A happy older couple took a walk on the train tracks hand in hand along a Florida beach, one minute they were happy and the next their lives had turned upside down.

Then it happened, she tripped on the train tracks. The husband and wife tugged and tried desperately to free her foot, her husband pulling on her until his palms slipped from the sweat, but she was stuck and nothing would budge. And that was it. Those were her final moments with her husband until the train came and ended her life right before her husband’s eyes.


According to the Palm Beach Post, the husband and wife left Johnny Browns restaurant on Atlantic Avenue shortly before 9:30pm.
They then walked about 50 meters to the tracks where the woman fell and was hit by the oncoming train.

An employee who worked at a bar near where the accident took place, told the newspaper they knew something was wrong when they heard the train slam on the brakes.
‘You never hear the brakes on a typical day,’ the employee said. ‘So we heard them screech right away as the train stopped. We knew right away someone had gotten hit.’

Spokeswoman Dani Moschella said the 62-year-old woman tripped as the train approached.

If you have ever wondered how you were going to die I’m sure the classic hit by a train never crossed your mind. What a terrifying way to die! The poor woman who had to wait to hopefully get freed while the husband frantically tried to save her. It’s heartbreaking and I hope no spouse or, anyone for that matter, ever has to be put in this kind of situation. Witnesses told the police they saw the 58-year-old husband trying desperately to pull her from the tracks but he just couldn’t do it before the train hit her. The couple’s names haven’t been released to the public.

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