To His Horror Everything Went Black…

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A man for unknown reasons jumped into a sewer pipe, I’m guessing the situation that played in his head before he did this was a tad different.

I can see a little kid thinking something like this would be appealing but a grown 46-year-old man?! What was wrong with him? The reason behind him going into the sewer is unknown, but, short of having my child somehow fall in, there is nothing that would get me to make that jump. It took the fire crews hours to try and get him help…


Hours earlier, just before 5pm, police said they received a call about a man who had jumped into the sewer, WPVI reported.
He fell 10 feet before crawling into an 18-inch horizontal drain pipe and getting stuck, the station reported.
Meanwhile, NBC10 reported that Barr had removed a storm drain cover and jumped in before suction from rushing water below pulled him down about 10 feet.
Crews spent more than two-and-a-half hours underground as they worked to remove him from the sewer at the intersection of 9th and Pike Streets. He was pulled to safety at 7.30pm.
Before climbing down a ladder to rescue Barr, rescuers wearing special suits had to ventilate the area as a result of the toxic and flammable gasses, NBC10 reported.




Rescuer who went down into the sewer reportedly spent the night decontaminating.
Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel described the rescue effort as ‘very challenging’ and a ‘difficult rescue.’


What the heck was this guy thinking? Who willingly jumps into a sewer? Was it for the awesome experience/smell?! I certainly don’t understand the appeal. This sewer monger goes by the name of ‘Boo Boo’. According to Urban Dictionary Boo Boo is…”Another term for feces or defecation”. Soooo it makes complete sense when you add it all up, the guy just has a poop fetish.

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