Hillary’s Interest In ONE Tiny Pill Exposes Damning Secret She Tried To Bury

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Hillary thinks that by ripping the lid off an already open pickle jar she’s proven her health is top notch. What an idiot. To her dismay, another recent leak confirms the conservatives suspicions about her health, and reveals one damning little secret that is sure to end her A-game. A tiny pill Hillary pops daily is her life saver, and Wikileaks let the world know it.

No one can argue that good health is important for a president to have. Hillary is not one to be honest about her health history or anything for that matter. She is the boy who cried wolf too many times, her criminal behavior has only proven how much she lies.

Just as people have been saying for quite some time now, it seems as though the evidence that Hillary is suffering from some neurological degenerative disease is piling up. Why else would she be so interested in the stuff? And why would there be so many other things that point in that direction? Once again, though, we can’t expect an honest answer from Hillary’s camp – not if it’s going to cost her the election.


Most recently, an email provided by WikiLeaks has shed light onto a portion of Hillary’s life that she may not have wanted in the public light. As it turns out, it’s about her health, and it could be detrimental to the nation in more than just one aspect.


According to an email sent by Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s top aide at the time, the two were talking about a treatment for “decision fatigue.” Life Hacker describes the term as follows:

In its simplest terms, decision fatigue refers to the idea that people tend to make worse decisions after having made a lot of decisions. Much like muscle fatigue, if you flex your “decision” muscle too much, it will fail you.
Hillary responded to the article sent to her about “decision fatigue” by calling it “spooky descriptive.” Now, if that is what she’s suffering from, that doesn’t sound like something we want in our next Commander-in-Chief, considering she would be responsible for making national decisions for the next 4 years – but it gets worse.email-2-620x452

Another email sent by Jake Sullivan, one of Hillary’s top advisers, spoke in detail about a frightening little pill. As it turns out, Hillary had an interest in a drug called Provigil which is often used to help people stay awake, such as those who suffer from narcolepsy.

However, it is also used for more serious illnesses that, if Hillary is suffering from, she wouldn’t want it out for the public to know. According to the email, the drug treats “excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.”

If campaigning is taking so much out of Hillary that she needs an amphetamine just to stay awake, because she is getting older, (which is what liberals are arguing) then she is unfit to run as our president for four straight years.

Liberals argue that she is just getting older and the campaign is keeping her up at odd hours. True, there is nothing false about what they are saying, except they missed the point, if Hillary can’t hack something as minuscule as a couple of lost hours of sleep, what will happen when much bigger things are expected of her as president?

With how quickly we see our nation going to crap, and frankly, it will be much faster if she puts her ugly little foot in the White House, does Hillary really have what it takes?

She will have the responsibilities of traveling around the world to speak at memorials, give comfort to victims of natural disasters, more importantly, does she have the mental capacity, when she isn’t having a seizure, to understand how to deal with everything involved in being the president of the United States? The straight up answer is no, which may cost her the election.tumblr_oburc4gjFX1vqpd2do1_400

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