Hillary Walks Free But Trump May Land in Prison? Read the Insanity

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The denizens of the left are screaming that Donald Trump needs to be put in prison because he said that “Second Amendment people can stop Hillary Clinton.” Nevermind that he was talking about 5,000,000 Americans who belong to the National Rifle Association and probably another 75,000,000 Americans who believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the power they have when they go to the ballot box.

The Left loves to make a big deal about things like this, and especially right now because they detract from the reality of who Hillary Clinton really is. The media managed to put off talking about the fact that Barack Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI have launched an investigation into the Foundation run by the Clinton Crime Family.

In the process of pointing fingers at Trump the media seems to completely forgotten what Hillary Clinton did in 2008. Here’s a reminder.

Why in the world would Hillary Clinton ring up Bobby Kennedy’s assassination when talking about Bill Clinton’s run for presidency in 1992? After all, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. What in the world could that have to do with Bill Clinton successful primary campaign for the Democratic nomination?

A lot of people thought it was a direct threat at Barack Obama. Why in the world would they think Hillary Clinton would threaten to have Barack Obama murdered?

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