Hillary Tries And Fails To Hide New Secret Past Time…

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Experts reviewed some of Hillary’s recent activities and noticed a monumental change that’s disrupted her hope of beating Trump. This isn’t just some fluke either because when taking a closer look, her downward spiral has become something of a habit, it’s a warning signal to all voters out there. Now that warning has been issued it’s a signal we can’t ignore, even if you are a democrat vote anyone other than Hillary. She is unfit to do her job.

Things are coming to an end in the campaign world, it’s crunch time baby, and Hillary is really feeling the stress. This stress is just the begining for a future president, Clinton is already showing signs that she is unable to handle it. Hillary has “hit the wall” and it’s obvious she can’t hack this race, her declining health issues are becoming even more prevelant.

Regardless of the liberal media continuing to try to convince the public to feel otherwise, Trump’s approval among voters seems to be on the rise while Hillary’s is going down with her health. Taking very little time off, Trump is obliterating his opponent in attendance at his frequent events, held each week from coast to coast, while a strange new phenomenon has appeared from his opponent.

Trump was apparently right when he said in a recent speech that Hillary is too exhausted to complete the task, stating that she just wants to “go back home and go to sleep.” downloadTrue to the liberal mentality that her politics perpetuate, the ailing Democratic presidential hopeful has been taking weekends off when she should be working overtime to win.

According to her own event calendar, she scheduled nothing on August 6th and 7th, which was the start of a telling trend, indicating that she’s not prepared for a presidency. Now, her schedule has revealed even more. Apparently, a brief break wasn’t enough rest for her, since she cleared her schedule for more relaxation just five days later and continues to do so for the next several weeks.
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Essentially, for every three days she works, she takes three days off, with a now predictable pattern. In a total of 14 days, she’s only campaigned for seven of them, compared to her Republican counterpart who has only taken two days off in that same time, and Trump’s approval ratings reflect that effort. The crowd size for Trump has been overwhelming, while Hillary has reduced her venue size to practically a closet to accommodate the few people who care to show up.

What are we to think if the woman who wants to govern our country can’t even deal with a few speeches and campaigns without yawning like a 90-year-old on their death bed?! Is her habit of weekends off over her terrible turnout, her declining health, or pure laziness? Maybe she knows she can just get votes by allowing illegal aliens to enter their unwated bubbles on our ballots. It’s obvious that people’s intelligence has declined when you add everything up… lack of effort with her campaign, lies, scandals, murder, and her health crisis, yet liberals still vote for their party. IDIOTS.

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