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Hillary: It’s Whites & Cops Who Kill All Those Young Black Men [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton is the #BlackLivesMatter candidate.  She’s committed to continuing to promote Barack Obama’s race war in the United States.

In a recent speech she said this.

Then she went on to this.

“I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American  families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about, you now, how to really protect themselves [from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police.”

She wants federal “policing guidelines”  to go after “systematic racism” inherent in police departments.  She hasn’t mentioned it yet, but I’m sure her Department of Education will be expanding requirements for K-12 schools on “white privilege.”

Here’s what Hillary, Democrats, and #BlackLivesMatter don’t talk about.

So far this year there have been 128 blacks killed by police in the U.S.  There have been 282 blacks killed by other blacks – IN CHICAGO ALONE.

I don’t have numbers, but it’s safe to say that virtually every one of the 128 were killed in the line of duty by an officer – a “good shoot.”  There could be some in there that aren’t, but they’re going to be a very small number.

Of the 282 murdered in Chicago, they fall into three categories, gang related, crime related, and innocent bystanders.  And everyone of them was murdered by another black.

You haven’t heard a peep from Democrats or #BlackLivesMatter because black lives don’t matter to them, they’re just a talking point.

If they cared about black lives – or any lives for that matter – they would be demanding a law adding 30 years to a felony conviction for a crime with a gun.  Bad guys off the street, a loud, clear message to bad guy wannabes.  Homicide rates would drop like a rock.  But Democrats and #BlackLivesMatter don’t care about actual lives. They care about their talking points.


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