“Hillary is Angelic”? These Folks Go Off the Cliff

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The major media, television and print, are nothing more or less than Democratic Party operatives with bylines.  That was highlighted last week when the media outlets compared Donald Trump’s acceptance speech to Hillary Clinton’s.

Trump’s speech was “dark and ominous.”  Hillary?  Why hers was absolutely “angelic.”

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Really, angelic.  Tell that to Bill Clinton and the secret service agents who’ve spent almost three decades making sure she didn’t kill him.  Then toss on another decade of Arkansas State Troopers who protected Governor Bill from her wrath.

Trump said that America was plagued by violence a Trump administration would put a stop to it.  “[America is] waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion, and if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong.”

New York Times:  “His Dark Tone, Donald Trump Takes GOP Mantle.”  He is ominous sound and used an angry tone and dark imagery to describe America.

Huffington Post:  “Donald Trumps Speech Was Not Very American.”  His phrase “I am your voice” was “the most chilling – and foreign” words ever said on a presidential stage.

Washington Post:  Trump “painted a dire portrait of a lawless, terrorized nation.  Trump’s relentlessly gloomy tone was a jarring contrast to the sunny introduction by his daughter Ivanka Trump.”

Nice.  And then there was their reaction to Hillary.

New York Times:  Clinton “radiated confidence, from her pungent delivery and easy laugh to the unusually expressive ways she shifted her tone and delighted in her own best lines.”

Huffington Post:  “Hillary Clinton Looks Downright Angelic in a White Pantsuit at the DNC.”

Washington Post:  Clinton portrayed herself as an “inclusive leader” and the speech was the “highest-profile address of her decades-long political career.”

With the media, the fix is certainly in.

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