Heroes Save Woman In Sinking Car, Panic Set’s In When They Hear What’s Still Inside

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An incredible video is spreading across social media like fire! The floods in Louisiana have taken over the lives of many, and it’s times like these that bring people together. When a few men took it upon themselves to help those in desperate need from the flood they never dreamed they’d have an encounter like this one.

The men heard a woman was screaming “Oh my God, I’m drowning,” from inside the car that was about two-thirds submerged under water. Panic set in when they couldn’t break the window, then, they sliced the roof of the convertible and it started to sink even faster.

Lucky for her, the heroes managed to pull her out of the vehicle just in time, but… the tragedy was far from over. Their hearts hit the bottom of the river, faster than the sinking car, when they heard what was still inside the vehicle.

Immediately she tells the man who saved her to get her dog, which was also in the car. He reaches inside and tries to find the dog but can’t and says he thinks the dog is gone.

“No, she better not be,” the woman said.

While many people would have told this woman to “kick rocks” at this point, because the vehicle was fully submerged and they had already gone above and beyond to rescue her, these men went down one last time in an attempt to save her dog.

When the dog popped up out of the water in the man’s arms, and the three got to safety, everyone watching the situation unfold, gasped in relief. The world would be a lot better place if there were more people like this that populated the earth. That’s what this life’s all about, people helping people in time of need.


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