Heroes Save Thousands After Floods, Now Govt. Issues Legislative Punishment To Them!

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Of course, they would. In this country, no good deed goes unpunished. Look at Hillary for example, she’s lied, plundered, and flat out had people killed, and she get’s to run for president.

Now, we have a real problem, though, these men, known as the ‘Cajun Navy’, have rescued thousands of people. When the government found out about this “scandal” they immediately went to action to stop this nonsense. Unfortunatly, now Uncle Sam wants to introduce “legislation around future actions by citizen heroes.”


From WWL TV:

NEW ORLEANS – The Good Samaritan who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands, of people during the ‘Great Flood of 2016‘ said he was not happy after a state lawmaker announced he wants to introduce legislation around future actions by citizen heroes.

Some of these citizen heroes, a loosely-organized group called the ‘Cajun Navy,’ gained national attention for their rescue efforts last week, but that attention is nowhere near the pushback lawmakers are discussing when it comes to a lawmakers proposal to require permits for citizen rescue groups.

Cajun Navy member Dustin Clouatre of St. Amant said he hopped into his pleasure skiff and with others, cleared out entire neighborhoods under water.

“For the most part, these people are not going to wait for assistance,” Clouatre said. “They’re doers.”

Republican State Senator Jonathan “J.P.” Perry of the Vermillion-Lafayette area said he is working on legislation that could require training, certificates and a permit fee to allow these Good Samaritans to get past law enforcement into devastated areas.

They can’t be serious?! We now need a PERMIT to save someone’s life. That is so stupid it’s almost hilarious.

During a radio interview, Sen. Perry said everything comes down to two main points for law enforcement officials. From the state’s standpoint there are hurdles to jump through, on being liability if someone is going out of their way to rescue another and then they can’t find them, they’re are afraid of being held responsible, and two, “there’s a cost”. The government is so greedy they want to be paid for do-gooders saving lives in the event of a natural disaster.

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